Some things from my past

Soo… these are some things I’ve made over the last few years. Looking at them chronologically, it makes me laugh a little.

Baby Madeira’s Crocheted Jolly Roger Blanket – June 2006
crocheted jolly roger baby blanket
I taught myself how to crochet in order to make this… and then promptly forgot.

Baby Kaitlyn’s not-girly quilt, November 2007
kaitlyn's blanket

Baby Malcolm’s quilt, May 2008
malcolm's quilt
(It’s hanging over the crib… I somehow forgot to take a photo of this one before sending it off.)

Baby Jack’s monster quilt, January 2009.
Jack's Monster Quilt - With Loops!
I made this sucker in a week in a classic “Kim crams for a craft project” move. I would have done some things differently now, but it’s darn cute.

Reverse applique tote bag. Made for my sister’s birthday in 2007. Finished May 2009.
Reverse Applique Tote

It’s fully lined, with five pockets on the inside and two pockets on the outside
Tote Bag Interior

When I originally went to attach the lining to the exterior, my sewing machine freaked out. The stitching looked like crap. I gave it to her, but took it back that same night, promising that I would fix it for her. Eighteen months later, I finally worked up the courage. I had forgotten how evil vinyl is to sew on. With the help of the internet, I learned that placing tissue paper between the vinyl and my machine, I may avoid some of the slipping and jumping that I originally encountered. It is still not perfect, but it’s much better than it was before.

Resized and Reshaped T-shirt – May 2009
telluride shirt

I was given a typical men’s sized (and shaped) t-shirt by a friend of mine. I cut it down to size, made it a scoopneck, and shortened and gathered the sleeves. The way that I attached the cuff & collar pieces has always bugged me, because the stitching flipped inside out. After wearing it that way for several months, I got the bright idea (/sarcasm font) to tack the seams down. It’s not nearly as crooked as it looks in this photo, but I had a hard time making it hang straight in the breeze.

Garden Bench, August 2009
This bench traveled with me from my grad school duplex (somebody who moved out left it), to our carriage house on Summit Avenue (where it was required to be hidden at all times), to our current house (where it sat in a corner of the yard for four years). With a few coats of spray paint and about an hour with the sewing machine, I turned this:
bench 001

Into this:

I love it! I sit on it whenever I get a chance 🙂

Easel, August 2009
My sister and I got this old, beat-up easel for free at a garage sale. We think the guy just didn’t want to pay extra for the trash hauler to take it away.

Again, a couple of coats of paint and some new hardware:

Robo Buggie, a quilt for baby Henry – August 2009

The Tickle, a quilt for baby Jacob – August 2009

Lil’ Cowboy, a quilt for baby Jaxson – November 2009
star blanket

A Monster Hug, a quilt for baby Sullivan – January 2010
monster blanket

The 80s Are Back girly quilt for baby Elaine – March 2010

Modeled by the yellow bench, and my puppy Tank

And finally, some quilted coasters for a friend’s bridal shower – March 2010.


Whew. Sadly, the “started, never finished” pile is about 10x as long as that list. My craft room / office / crapalanche is the place where good intentioned craft projects go to die. We’ll see if documenting the process is a motivator.


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