Making it up as I go along…

Last spring, three friends of mine announced that they would all be having baby girls within 2 weeks of one another. I made these in a batch, figuring I could crank them out in a weekend. I suppose I technically could have, but time got away from me (as usual), so I didn’t finish them for several months.

I didn’t use a pattern for these. If there is such a pattern I don’t know the name of it (if you do, will you let me know?). I sewed strips of fabric together, then cut them apart, rearranged them, and sewed them back together. I’m sure this technique has a name…

I had intended to add a bias binding to each of them, but with that whole time crunch thing, I ended up just doing a wide self-binding with the backing fabric.

Sara’s blanket

This was the first one that I finished, just in time for the baby shower 🙂 It’s for a girl, and there are some florals in there, but I wanted the color scheme to be non-traditional. As it turned out, the blanket actually matched – without my knowing ahead of time – the colors that Sara picked out for the nursery! Great minds think alike I guess 😉

Beth’s blanket

I would have ordinarily chosen non-traditional colors for Beth’s blanket too, but considering that she already has two little boys at home I opted for something more girly. The gold and pink combo kept it from being too frou-frou.

Trina’s blanket

Again, I was aiming for something non-traditional with Trina’s blanket. I used some vintage fabrics that I found at an antique store awhile back. Honestly, I don’t know if my seams were getting sloppy at this point or if it was due to the fabric itself, but this one gave me trouble. After I washed it, I noticed several spots where the seams had come open. Ugh.

Oh well, it was nothing that a few strategically placed patches couldn’t fix (I hope!).
Trina Detail

Trina detail


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