A Garden Full of Zombies

Happy Halloween!

In the summer of 2009, we ripped out the patch of grass in front of our house (we hated calling it a lawn, it sucked) and planted this:
Tank Approves.

I really let the garden get away from me this year. I had a hectic summer, but that’s no excuse for how badly overgrown things got.

Inspired by the Zombie Barbie Garden at This Mama Makes Stuff, I decided I might as well turn my horror story of a garden into the real deal.

I got some of the dolls from a friend who has three daughters and a home daycare, but the bulk of them came from the thrift store. Even though they were going to be buried, I wanted to wash them first. The dishwasher seemed appropriate.
zombie bath

I don’t think our neighbors can see into this part of our yard from their windows, but if they did, they might have wondered what I was doing…

pre zombie army

painting zombies 2

painting zombies

I used a spray paint specifically made for plastic, but apparently “plastic” does not equal “Barbie heads and legs.” The paint adhered and dried just fine on the torsos, but after a day of drying, the heads and legs were still tacky. I rubbed some baby powder on them and they were good to go.

I didn’t have enough clothes to outfit the entire Zombie Army, so I wrapped scraps of fabric around them and called it good. It was kind of fun to play zombie fashion designer for a few minutes.
zombie lineup

Faces were drawn on with a Sharpie.
zombie 16

Some of my favorites:
zombie 12

zombie 11

zombie 9

zombie 6

zombie 4

zombie 1

Ack! Zombie attack!
zombie attack


5 thoughts on “A Garden Full of Zombies

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  2. Thanks for the baby powder tip. I am making these today and noticed that the legs & arms were very sticky. I think they are a different type of plastic than the torso because they bend.

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