Some People Love Winter

I am not one of those people.

Despite having grown up in North Dakota, and despite having spent the subsequent years in Minnesota, I have not yet gotten used to the idea of winter.

My childhood memories of winter include frostbitten cheeks, cold wet feet, and frozen eyelashes. My adult experiences with winter include 2 hour commutes (to go 7 miles), backbreaking shoveling, five or so months of no sun, and a collapsing garage roof.

We woke up this morning to the first snowfall of the year here. I’ve been watching the posts roll in from Facebook… cute photos of babies in snowsuits, and of dogs confused about what they’re supposed to be doing, and reports of cars sliding off of the road.

Please. Help me understand what is good about winter. Growing up, I never ice skated. I have never skied, nor snowboarded, nor any other sort of winter-dependent activity. In my mind, winter is the most brutal, inhospitable time of year. I had a brief moment of panic earlier this morning when I envisioned the power going out. If the power goes out in the summer, it’s usually no big deal. You won’t DIE if the A/C doesn’t work or you can’t get a hot shower. If the power goes out in the winter, you’re screwed.

A few shots of my yard today…

While sorting laundry, I heard something crash against the side of the house. The cable and phone lines ripped out of the side of my house, due to the weight of the snow. They’re now sort of precariously dangling from the pole in the alley (upper right), flopped across our old truck, the garage, and the deck. No worries though, Qwest and Comcast will have someone out to fix it in two to three DAYS. Good thing we have DirecTV… oh wait, that’s out too due to being covered in snow.
phone & cable lines down

The hole where the lines ripped out is a few feet above this light fixture, which appears to have been knocked crooked. Awesome.
bent light fixture

Just over six inches on my deck so far… It’s very heavy and wet. The first round of shoveling had me in tears this morning. A full shovel load probably weighed about 30 pounds.
more than 6 inches

I neglected to get my rose bush trimmed, but in my defense it was still blooming as late as last week! Sadly, it has now snapped in half.
former rose bush

I hate this tree more than I hate winter, actually. Every time it storms I am convinced that it is going to crash through the roof, killing us in our sleep.
the scariest tree in the world

Note the fallen branches that have come down today. My biggest fear may happen yet. I think I will sleep on the couch tonight.
scary branches finally fell

Doesn’t it just look evil? All twisty and huge like that?
it just looks evil



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