One Down, One To Go

Okay so I didn’t finish both blankets over Thanksgiving weekend like I had hoped to. I did, however, finish one of them in the week following Thanksgiving, so that’s sort of close.

Then again, I started writing this post on December 4 of last year so there’s that.

This baby quilt was the result of an attempt to use up my random scraps and smaller pieces of fabric.

Loosely inspired by Anna Maria Horner’s “Sixth Time’s a Charm” baby quilt, I made this:

I didn’t have the pattern in front of me, but I sort of vaguely remembered it from thumbing through Handmade Beginnings so I kind of made it up as I went along.

In retrospect, my way of doing it ended up being only marginally similar to her pattern.

To begin, I cut strips of fabric that were 2″-3″ in width.

Next, I made a giant mess out of my kitchen.

I then cut a template of a triangle with 60 degree angles out of a piece of random upholstery fabric I had in my stash.

I laid out strips of fabric in a loose triangle shape, on top of the template, then sewed the strips together..

I added a 1/4″ seam allowance when cutting the triangles…

After six were done, I sewed them together into the hexagon shape.

Et voila!

I have no idea if my quilting technique is going to hold up, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I hand quilted with embroidery thread through the top and the batting layer, along each seam.

Then I used a Minky-style fabric for the backing. I was really tired of hand stitching by that point, so I simply put both pieces facing together, then sewed around the edges, turned it inside out, and topstitched the whole thing.

The thing turned out HUGE, but I like it, and so does the recipient, which is the important part. I made a second one that I’m still working on. I opted for a regular quilting-weight cotton for the back of that one, so I am doing a traditional binding. Finding time to finish the binding is something that I just haven’t been able to do! (Yet)


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