An Experiment


We had a disgusting winter. We had millions of inches of snow that was on the ground for six months. No joke. As a result of the heavy, wet snow early in the season followed by brutal cold, a lot of homes in our area had ice dam issues. We were no different.

We had them steamed off, which I guess was a good thing, but at the time I was irate because a) it cost nearly $900, and b) our basement flooded. In WINTER.

It wasn’t until the snow started to melt in the last few weeks that I noticed the damage sustained to some of the plants in front of my house from the guys who did the work. They destroyed an azalea, trampled some evergreen shrubs, and broke a rose bush.

While doing a little preliminary garden cleanup, I decided to try to salvage the rose, cutting away the dead and broken branches. There was one long, healthy straggler left, but it made the plant lopsided, so I decided to just cut that back too.

Rather than throw the branch in the compost pile, I figured I would try to force it into flowering indoors. It may not work at all, but it will be a fun experiment.

(Please ignore the crap on the table)
forcing roses

Day 1 – Tiny, hard buds (okay this photo is actually from later in the week, but these buds haven’t changed size)
baby buds

Day 3 Morning – Baby leaves!
leaf buds

Day 3 Evening – Bigger baby leaves!

Day 5 – Actual leaves!


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