Luau Barbie (and Ken)

A few months ago, a friend contacted me to see if I could/would/felt like making an attempt at creating “Hawaiian” Barbies for her daughter. She had asked for them for Christmas, but my friend didn’t know where to find them.

As her daughter’s fifth birthday was coming up, she enlisted me to try to figure something out. A Google search didn’t yield much except Luau Barbie birthday cakes and some collector Barbies from several decades ago.

My first step was the toy department at Target. Bingo! Beach Barbie was only $5. I got a girl and a boy.

Next step: Grass skirts.
This is a horrible photo, but I cut lengths of raffia, then knotted them around a medium-sized elastic hair band. I ended up doing a double layer, making two skirts then stitching them together at the elastic band. They didn’t look full enough as a single layer.

Next up: Leis
I took apart some tiny fake flowers, then strung them together to make a floral lei.

Final product:

I ran out of fake flowers, and I was home sick with a cold during one of our many snowstorms, so Ken got a “shell” lei, made from some tiny beads. The flower in Barbie’s hair is just another fake flower sewn to an elastic hair band.

Rumor has it that the birthday girl was very pleased with her gift 🙂


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