A Bucket of Dirt… and Hopefully Strawberries

Last weekend, one of the vendors at the Farmers Market was selling these cute waxed canvas bags with strawberry plants in them.

I kept wandering back to them, debating whether the $18 price tag was worth it for me. I am sure that considering the materials, the time the vendor spent making them, the cost of growing the strawberries, etc., that $18 was more than a fair price. But with my giant stash of fabric at home, I couldn’t bring myself to buy one.

I did buy three small plants though (the 8 yr old girl hawking them had me at “3 for $5!”)… and figured I would take my chances.

I didn’t use a pattern. I didn’t measure. I didn’t pin. It is very crude, but here it is nonetheless 🙂


I dug through my stash and found some home decor-weight fabric that I bought ages ago. I traced the bottom of my wastepaper basket, then Googled how to find the circumference of a circle. Yes, I admit that I have forgotten how to do basic geometry. Don’t tell my college roommate Jen or she will never let me live it down.

From there, I just cut a rectangle the length of the circumference, then eyeballed the rest of it. I doubled the fabric for the sides to give it a little bit of rigidity without lining it or using interfacing. Honestly, this is one of the laziest projects I have ever done.

I added a strap…

Then I cut the bottom out of a plastic bag, stuffed it inside of the fabric bag (to keep some moisture in, but still allow water to drain out), and filled it with potting soil and compost…

And then I added the plants!

Who knows if this will end up working or not, but I figure for $5 and less than an hour of my time (not to mention using up some of my fabric stash), it will be fun if it does!


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