My mouth is on fire, and I love it.


Today kind of sucked. It was one of those days where you’ve had approximately six hours of cumulative sleep over the previous two nights, you’ve spent nine hours of the last 24 in a car, you’ve spent another several hours of that same 24 with family – mourning the loss of another one who died too soon… One of those days when the weather keeps alternating between cold rain and hot sun, you have a teeth cleaning at the dentist (no cavities!), and you can’t tell if you are simply exhausted and your allergies are on overdrive or if you are falling victim to the nasty virus that’s been making the rounds…

I didn’t feel like making dinner tonight. I felt like curling into a ball on the sofa and falling asleep to Ghost Hunters on the DVR. Too bad I was hungry.

A few seconds with Google brought me to this recipe, which I followed almost exactly. I didn’t have any oyster sauce, so I used hoisin. I used one large reddish-green jalapeno for the chile. I have Thai basil in the garden, so I used that. I’m not sure how many people this recipe is intended to serve, but I used three tiny eggplants that my mom sent me home with. It was the perfect amount for one exhausted – but hopefully not sick – person.



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