Easy, Natural Air Freshener


Does your house carry a little extra “fragrance” some days? Garlic? Rubber door mat? Burnt brussels sprouts? Adorable but stinky dog? All of the above?

This really couldn’t be easier.

Just throw some orange peels, a cinnamon stick, and maybe a star anise if you have one into a pot. Add a bunch of water, and set it to simmer on the stove. Just don’t ignore it – you don’t want it to completely go dry. Make sure there are always several inches of water.



One thought on “Easy, Natural Air Freshener

  1. I noticed this when at your house at bookclub and have duly tried to copy it! I tried clementines, cinnamon, ginger and thyme. Kind of weird but my heart was in the right place! It really does work to fill up the house with a great fragrance. I try all kinds of combos now. Pear and ginger…a bit of mint! Thanks Kim!

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