Sick Day 7 Minute Fried Rice

I’m sick. With what, I’m not quite sure. I’ve had a grab bag of symptoms over the last few days that don’t make any sense whatsoever. Let’s just call it “the ick.”

After eating nothing but crackers, toast, applesauce, chicken noodle soup, and rice for the last couple of days, I found myself craving real food today.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten groceries in more than a week. Random leftover time!

I had some leftover rice in the fridge from yesterday. That was a good starting point.

First I heated some oil in a cast iron skillet.


Then I realized that I was going to be adding cubed salami leftover from a Bloody Mary bar last weekend, so I probably didn’t need all that oil. I wiped most of it out.

I added the cubed salami, and cooked it for a few minutes until it was browned.


I cracked two eggs into a bowl, and beat them well.


I then thawed some frozen peas under running water. You can hardly even tell they’re completely freezer-burned.


Dump in the egg, and toss for a few seconds.


Mmmm… scrambled egg and salami. Who does this?


Add the rice. Stir.


Add the peas.


Remember that you’re out of soy sauce. Curse like a sailor. Add some Trader Joe’s potsticker sauce to the pan, along with garlic chili paste and sesame oil. Just a little of the oil, and a glug of the potsticker sauce, and a big heaping spoonful of the garlic chili paste. Num.




I had a can of ginger ale standing by. After 2 days of bland foods, I was afraid my stomach may not be very pleased with me.


Sick Day 7 Minute Fried Rice


1 Tbsp vegetable oil
~1 cup of cubed hard salami (or you could use bacon, or leave the meat out altogether – add more veggies if you do this)
2 eggs, beaten
1.5 cups of frozen peas, thawed
2 cups of cold, leftover, cooked rice
1 Tbsp sesame oil
2 Tbsp potsticker sauce
3 Tbsp garlic chili paste

Heat the vegetable oil over medium-high heat in a cast-iron skillet or wok

Add the meat and cook until browned

Add the beaten egg, and stir until nearly cooked

Add the peas

Add the rice

Add the sesame oil, potsticker sauce, and garlic chili paste. Use more or less of each of these to taste.

Additions that would have been nice if I’d had them, or felt like chopping anything, would be garlic, ginger, fresh basil, Thai basil, or cilantro.


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