NonBreezy 2012

Several years ago, a group of my girlfriends and I spent a snowy weekend at Breezy Point Resort in central Minnesota. We have made our winter getaway a nearly-annual event since then, but we haven’t been back to Breezy in several years. Regardless, the official unofficial name for the weekend has become “Breezy,” although it’s lately been morphing into “NonBreezy” or “UnBreezy.” Creatures of habit, we are…

Actually, the creatures of habit thing isn’t a joke. Unfailingly, the weekend consists of lots of talking, lots of laughing, a craft project or two (thanks, Mindy!), lots of movies, and several Ryan Gosling references. Oh, and food. Lots and lots of food. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. Our menu really hasn’t varied much since we started doing these weekends. Yoga pants, Chex mix, Buffalo Chicken Dip, fondue, and Twachos have become the staples. What are Twachos, you ask? They’re nachos that you eat while watching a Twilight movie.

Meme credit goes to Becky

This year we switched it up a little bit, adding some Saturday morning yoga demonstrations, and making good use of the hot tub and sauna that this year’s house had. We also skipped the fondue, and adding some more fried things. I think we were all more sick from junk food by Sunday morning than we’ve ever been before… but it’s only one weekend a year, right?
junk food

Junk food, night one 


Backup junk food


Jalapeno popper dip, beer cheese fondue

pickle egg rolls

Pickle cream cheese egg rolls!!! Originally inspired by a happy hour that  An Herbalist Eats wrote about and I couldn’t get out of my brain…

ghetto picklerolls

Pickle cream cheese egg rolls MUST be eaten off of a styrofoam plate, with Ranch.

fried zucchini

Fried zucchini

buffalo chicken beginnings

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Before

buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip: After

chex mix

Chex Mix, with Cheez-Its

puppy chow

Puppy Chow

cream cheese sriracha wontons

Sriracha-Cream Cheese Wontons


Twachos – photo credit to Shannon


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