Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic is delicious. Roasted garlic is versatile. Roasted garlic is kind of inconvenient. It takes quite a long time to cook, but the payoff is totally worth it. The uses are endless…

If you have an hour and an itty bit of freezer space, DO THIS.

Preheat the oven to 375.

Cut the top off of several heads of garlic, and drizzle with olive oil.
I used an 11″x17″ pyrex baking pan, and covered it tightly with foil. If you’re only doing one or two heads, you can just wrap the individual heads tightly in foil.


Bake for 45 minutes. If you take it out and it looks like this, it needs more time.


15 minutes more… this looks better. It could even go a little bit longer, but I was getting impatient. [Side note: I have done this several times, but never before have I seen the cloves pop out of the skins like that. What gives?]


Let the garlic cool until you can handle it without burning yourself. Squeeze the cloves out of the skin into a bowl. Then mash with a fork! Or if you’re feeling like lugging the food processor up from the basement and then washing it afterwards, use that.


Mmmm… mashed garlic.


Scrape the whole thing into a plastic baggie, and flatten it, squeezing out the air.


Freeze. When you need to use some of the garlic, just break off a piece. I’ve always tried to remind myself “next time” to score it into squares before freezing. Add it to mashed potatoes, dips, pasta, salad dressing… go nuts!


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