A Walk.

Sometimes having an overactive imagination results in things like rainbow sparkle unicorns or fictional roller derby golf outings, and sometimes it seriously interferes with life for a few minutes.
I went for a walk after work the other day. I was on the path that leads from Swede Hollow past the old Hamm’s brewery, up towards the Arcade/Phalen Blvd area. For some reason I looked over to my left, and saw a very intriguing back yard. There was a little path forged through the woods, so I followed it a little ways to get a better glimpse of the landscaping and odds and ends back there. As I crept up, feeling like a trespasser, I saw this thing sitting in the crotch of a tree. See the lower left:


My imagination immediately went to: “KOALA!!!” Because yes, there would definitely be a koala sitting in a tree on the Eastside of St. Paul. 

I started rationalizing with myself… “But there was a cougar sighting on Grand Avenue, why couldn’t there be a koala in Swede Hollow?” “What would a koala eat in Minnesota, since there is no eucalyptus?” “I wonder how it got here… should I call animal control?” “Is it somebody’s pet?”
I decided I needed to investigate further. So I very stealthily tiptoed up behind it, trying not to disturb it… meanwhile, my imagination was getting its ass kicked by my brain. “Koala” was quickly turning into an oppossum, or a huge rabbit, or a baby albino bear (BECAUSE THAT MAKES MORE SENSE). As I approached, I started making little noises – deliberately loud footsteps, clearing my throat, humming a little tune… it still didn’t move. I was beginning to get scared. What if it was some sort of spooky animal sacrifice site or something? Dead muskrat maybe?
Finally, I steeled myself for the big reveal. I stood in front of it, and saw the most amazing sight:

Tree potato

 And then I laughed, breathed a sigh of relief, and continued with my walk.

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