I make things. Sometimes I sew them, sometimes I cook them, sometimes I grow them, sometimes… yeah. Sometimes I just make a big mess 🙂

Once upon a not-so-long time ago, I had another blog that was very highly read, was very time-consuming, and while it started out fun, became something of a burden. I’ve very slowly started the whole blogging thing again… more for myself than for an audience. But if you’ve found your way here, I hope you enjoy what you see, and that you return!

About Me

Born and raised in Fargo, ND (no we didn’t ride buffalo to school). My day job is public service, and my free time (what’s that?) is spent making things… or thinking about making things. I have an adorable rat terrier named Tank, and I live in a nearly-century old house with my husband in St. Paul, MN. I hate mayonnaise, winter, and mice. I love lemons, summer, and praying mantids.

I’m not a pro, I have a cheap camera, I rarely measure, my recipes are closer to guidelines than rules, and I’m not really into tutorials. So if you’re looking for that, you’re in the wrong place.

xoxo Kim


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks! Pack your shovel… my aunt tells me they’re expecting 200″ of snow this winter. There must be a decimal point missing somewhere, right?

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